A doctor who should know better…

A doctor who is also a Conservative MP (Phillip Lee) has been calling for obese people to contribute to their medical bills if they need treatment that is related to their condition, e.g. Type 2 Diabetes. Sounds good in theory because as we all know obese people are all just greedy gluttons who can’t help but stuff armfuls of food down their necks…Yes there are people who make the wrong food choices but Dr Lee has not looked under the surface for possible causes of this obesity epidemic.  There are reasons as to why a person is obese but I guess it is easier to blame them than look elsewhere – maybe the food industry that effectively lobbies government.   Perhaps Dr Lee you should be looking at what crap gets put in our food these days – I’m particularly talking about hidden sugars/fructose (those low fat options for example). There is good evidence that junk food is addictive in the same way as cigarettes and alcohol and the western diet makes you eat more. We are also now seeing obese 6 month old babies. It seems that there is something awry when a baby who isn’t even eating food yet is becoming obese…they can’t be blamed for their obesity can they! I guess Dr Lee would charge for treatment of these babies if they were obese! Ridiculous!

I know we should all be home cooking with fresh ingredients preferably with organic, free range foods, etc. But this option can be far more expensive (particularly if you live in the US) than buying ready made meals for example. Indeed in poor neighbourhoods it’s hard if not impossible to find fresh ingredients at all. This is made especially more difficult if people are trying to survive in this economic climate with pay freezes for those  lucky enough to be working and reductions/freezes on welfare payments…

So please please please stop the demonisation of obese people!


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