Are we moving towards compulsory vaccinations?

The latest measles outbreak in Swansea is obviously concerning as any childhood illness is. But what I find more concerning is the move to demonize those parents who have decided not to vaccinate their child/children. As the numbers of infected people increases there ARE more scare tactics being spouted by health officials, politicians and the media.

Since the outbreak in Swansea there have been numerous radio phone-in shows, news reports and tv shows coming from a pro-vaccination angle where so-called medical experts repeat the mantra that measles “is a killer” and how people in poor countries queue for hours for vaccinations (Dr Rosemary Leonard who’s never off the radio/tv). Dr Leonard didn’t add that clean water, good nutrition and good sanitation would as we know clear up at lot of these diseases without vaccinations.

Coupled with this callers, some of whom are parents, rang up to radio shows only to abuse the non-vaccinated saying that we are putting everyone at risk, blah, blah.  Even when on one radio show a parent phoned in saying his child had developed autism immediately after receiving the MMR jab, the presenter still questioned that fact that his other child had not had the MMR, and could possibly be a danger to other children! Duh!

Presenters of these radio shows rarely allow the counter view I’ve noticed. Is it because they are scared the other side of the story will come out? They are not shackled by anyone. So why not have an open & honest debate instead of saying in effect: Andrew Wakefield has long been discredited so just get on with getting the MMR. To be honest my views on this having nothing now to do with Wakefield. I have seen too much evidence (although un-linked officially in the UK) of children becoming sick after receiving the MMR vaccination. I would highly recommend visiting for in-depth coverage of MMR and other vaccinations. 

But haven’t we been here before with Swine Flu a couple of years ago? Do you remember the insane assertion by Sir Liam Donaldson (the then Chief Medical Officer) that there would be 60,000 dead in the UK due to the Swine Flu outbreak and that vulnerable people need to have the Tamiflu vaccination. And what happened? Yup – nothing!

This is what is now happening with this current measles outbreak. People are being scared into getting the MMR not only in Swansea but across the country. Currently, there is a national push to target those children who have not received both doses of the MMR with “one-to-one” meetings with the doctor. More sinister are the calls for compulsory vaccinations. At the moment thank goodness, the majority of doctors are against this, but, if measles cases increase, especially in London which they are predicted to do, then I can envisage more and more health workers calling for compulsory vaccinations.

One thing the ‘experts’ keep on coming back to is herd immunity. We need (apparently) 98% coverage of MMR to prevent measles epidemics. Quick question: Macedonia had a 98% coverage of measles vaccination but also had a massive outbreak in 2011. Hmmm. Why is this? Furthermore, this killer disease apparently according to the Health Protection Agency claimed very few lives every year if any over the last 25 years.

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