Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog which aims to explore our health and how we can achieve optimum health…

My general philosophy is that we can on the whole create our own health destiny and in some cases dismiss current medical advice altogether.

I’ve pretty much been of the view that our bodies were just sitting there waiting to be invaded by germs, viruses and other nasties ready to pounce whenever they get the chance. Once this happens of course, we pop along to the doctor who will send you off with a prescription for the pharmacy for a ‘cure’. Job done.

My other pervading view was that the food we eat was just fuel, believing that our bodies were like engines only requiring energy to function. Yes vitamins were great (if present – if not you could just buy them!), but the main vital ingredient was calories. Minerals and trace elements were never seen as important let alone vital for us.

I guess what I describe above are the beliefs (generally speaking of course) of the western world and western medicine.

Over the last few years, I’ve been revisiting my thoughts on health, medicine, the universe(!) and am coming to the conclusion that the best way forward is I guess a more eastern view of health. No, I haven’t been backpacking to India or China for a couple of years (though would be nice!) to find myself. But I do believe there is a better way forward not just in preventing illness but to enable ourselves to thrive and hopefully at the same time live healthily and happily to a grand old age!

Hopefully through this blog I can share my thoughts on various health issues as they arise. So please let me know what you think even if you disagree!

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