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My kids & vaccines

We have 3 kids, their ages being 8, 6 & 18 months. Now as good citizens of the world, my wife and I let the medics give our eldest child all of the vaccines that they could and we happily filled up her little jab book to completion. Following her jabs she was frequently sick, nothing life threatening you understand but frequent fevers, constant colds and bouts of eczema. Even now she seems to catch every bug going around.

My 6 year old received a mix bag, i.e. got some jabs but not others as we started to question the numerous vaccines and boosters to keep at bay all of the nasty diseases out there. What we did notice, however, is that he has had less illness than my eldest. And guess what? Our youngest has yet to be injected and in her short life of 18 months has been the healthiest of the three. Coincidence?

Now, I am very open minded kinda guy and want to do right by my kids, but I am slowly coming to the conclusion in in my cynical old (ish!) age that vaccines are a great money spinner for the big pharmaceutical companies who, at the end of the day only have £££’s in their sights and if some people become sick or even die from having jabs then that’s just life…your loved one had a “rare complication” or it was just a coincidence they keeled over literally hours after receiving a vaccine…
There are, as you can imagine lots of videos on YouTube about vaccines (for & against), but this one caught my eye recently:

So I now question the need to give so many if any at all vaccinations to very young children. My wife and I still debate our decisions and we still get jab junk mail from the GP but we are trying to resist and do what we think is right by our kids.