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Virginian women – be scared!

What is it with Republicans? Why do they think they have the right to insist (at least in Virginia) on what a women does with her body?

Have a look at this recent New Scientist article.

It seems there has been such an outcry about this subject that Republicans have been forced to water down the bill.

We are talking here about the earliest stages of pregnancy so shouldn’t be too controversial. However, Republicans in Virginia seem to want to inflict some sort of revenge on a woman who wants a termination. Now apparently the invasive ultrasound is to optional…

It seems the Republicans are on a bit of a crusade over abortion issues and another one that caught my eye was the callous removal of state funding for low-income women who wanted an abortion because the baby would be born with severe mental or physical defects. Check it out here. It’s not even though this is a financial issue as there were only 10 approved abortions done last year costing a grand total of $2,800…!  On the same website ( there seems little sympathy for the women involved. Here are a couple of comments:

How about personal responsibility? I’m not going to be nor should I be required to be responsbile for everything everyone else in this country decides to do? I’m crying “uncle” over have to give my hard earned money to everyone else for everything that they decide to do that is their personal responsiblity! Taxes, the abysmal economy, inflation are killing me and now you want me to fund abortions (which I’m against expcept in rare cases). STOP the insanity and take presonal responsiblity for your actions! ENOUGH already! I’m too broke and too poor to take care of everyone else, it’s tough enough taking care of my own family.” (williamjm3)

Low income women should not be having children in the first place. You want an abortion then you pay for it. If they child has a birth defect then it’s your problem and responsibility to take care of it, not mine. We didn’t have alot of the social welfare BS programs in the early 20th century and people did just fine. They learned how to do without and relied on help from family and friends. Let’s go back to that and let those who want to help do so and leave the rest of us that don’t want to help alone.” (blacknproud)

Wow! Scary people…